Are you a musician who is looking for something to do while performances and rehearsals are shut down?

HSSO has got something for you!

We at HSSO recognise that this is an unbelievably difficult time for musicians everywhere. That is why we wanted to host a friendly competition open to all musicians, based on our upcoming Planets concert!

The rules are simple. Download the list of excerpts below, and select which instrument you play. You can choose any of the parts, but they all have to come from the same part. Choose three of the selected excerpts, record them and send them in!

Submission details are one of the following:

  1. Via our Facebook page
  2. Contact for details to our Google Drive – we will send you the link to submit your files!

Everybody who applies will receive a complimentary ticket to our next concert. There are a variety of fun prizes, including a hand-drawn drawing of the orchestra to the overall winner!

Winners will be chosen based on enthusiasm, attention to detail, technicality and musicality. We encourage everybody to apply and give it a go!

For more details, please contact us so we can send you details. We look forward to hearing from you!

For a list of excerpts, please click here.